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note that upstream is Ledger-CLI here.
NPO Accounting Software Project

[Software Freedom Conservancy]( is leading an
[effort to create accounting software for non-profit organizations](

Conservancy welcomes the help of anyone who is interested in this issue to
design and develop this software.

BTW, we're [[hoping to participate in GSoC 2014|GSoC2014Ideas]].  We think
there are enough ideas for probably only one, maybe two, students.

## Phase 0

Initially, during Phase 0 of this project,
Conservancy is doing the following things:

- [Writing a tutorial on a Ledger-CLI setup for fiscal sponsor 501(c)3 organizations](
- [[Finding and evaluating existing Free Software accounting systems|ExistingProjects]].
- [[Writing use cases for non-profit accounting|UseCases]].

## Phase 1

Phase 0 is nearly complete, and in Phase 1, we plan to:

- [Create an REST API for basic double-entry accounting, currently using Ledger-CLI as a backend](
- Add functionality to that API that already exists in the [documented Ledger-CLI setup for NPO's](
- Create various reports using that API, to flush out improvements that are needed.

Learning more about this project

You can learn more about what we done so far on this project by:

- Reading this Wiki!
- Reading the [mailing list archives for this project](
- Reading the [the IRC logs of the #npoacct channel](/irclogs/).

Helping and Collaborating on this Project

You can help us and/or collaborate with us on this project by:

  * Editing this Wiki!
  * Joining the discussion on [the mailing list for this project](
  * Joining the discussion on
    [the IRC channel, #npoacct on](
  * [Donating money to fund this effort!](


About This Wiki
This wiki is powered by [[ikiwiki]], which allows for the Wiki contents to be stored in Git.

There is a
[mirror on Gitorious as well](,
but [due to a bug in Gitorious](,
this mirror isn't up to date.  We push to that repository on a regular basis,
In the meantime, if you'd like write access via Git to this wiki, please just
[ask for it on the mailing list](
or ping joar or bkuhn on
[#npoaccount on](  You should
however be able to edit this Wiki using the web interface, too.

This Wiki also has a [[SandBox]].