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NPO Accounting Software Project

[Software Freedom Conservancy]( is leading an
[effort to create accounting software for non-profit organizations](

Current Status

We're currently developing a Reimbursement and Payment Request system.  We
believe this is a relatively standalone component that other organizations
could start using quickly.  Check out the [[project page|Reimbursements]].

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Contributing to the Project
Conservancy welcomes the help of anyone who is interested in this issue to
design and develop this software.

  * Contribute to our [CiviCRM extension for payment requests](
  * Edit this Wiki.
  * Join the [mailing list for this project](
  * Join the discussion on
    [our IRC channel, #npoacct on]( ([logs](/irclogs/)).
  * [Donate money to fund this effort!](

Work So Far

Conservancy has done the following:

- [Writing a tutorial on a Ledger-CLI setup for fiscal sponsor 501(c)3 organizations](
- [[Finding and evaluating existing Free Software accounting systems|ExistingProjects]].
- [[Writing use cases for non-profit accounting|UseCases]].


About This Wiki
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