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### Defining the request form

Requests for payment have four states: In Progress, Submitted,
Requests for payment have five states: Pre-Approval, In Progress, Submitted,
Accepted, and Rejected.

Administrators can define questions to ask the requestor about the entire
@@ -66,12 +66,21 @@ accommodations expenses, etc.).
### Requestor workflow

Requestor can log in and see the status of all their requests.  They can also
create a new request, which starts in the In Progress state.
create a new request, which starts either the Pre-Approval or the In Progress

When they view a report, it shows the questions and answers about the entire
report, and a list of associated expenses.  Viewing a specific expense
similarly shows all the questions and answers about it.

When a report is in the Pre-Approval state, the requestor is submitting not
receipts or invoices, but documents regarding potential expenses that have
not yet been incurred, but for which organization policies require
preapproval by organizational management ahead of time.  The appropriate
management representatives are duly notified by the system of pending
Pre-Approval requests, and their approval moves the request into the In
Progress state.  Their rejection moves the request to the Rejected sate.

When a report is In Progress state, the requestor can edit any answer in the
report or an associated expense.  They can also add an expense, which begins
by asking them unconditional questions associated with expenses, and then