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@@ -20,14 +20,12 @@ evaluate these projects to the UseCases we've collected so far.
  * [ERPNext's strange would-be copyright assignment policy is problematic](
     for various reasons; bkuhn has [raised the issue on the ERPNext Developers' Forum](!msg/erpnext-developer-forum/jfsURU8Ew9A/HVDX1z3vvkgJ). *[This issue has now been resolved](*.
  * Updated by Rushabh (ERPNext)
* [[ExistingProjects/GNUCash]]
  * Evaluated by Joar
  * Contacted on IRC
* [[ExistingProjects/Kuali]]
  * Contacted
* [[ExistingProjects/Ledger]]
* [[ExistingProjects/LedgerSMB]]
* [[ExistingProjects/npo-ledger-cli]]
* [[ExistingProjects/OpenERP]]
* [[ExistingProjects/OpenBravo]] : <>
* [[ExistingProjects/Postbooks]]
@@ -50,12 +48,15 @@ at the project.
  * The developers have been reached, not yet replied.
* [[ExistingProjects/OpenPetra]]
  * The linux client has not been a focus of the OpenPetra developers, and as of 2013-11-25 and the client setup found in <> it crashes intermittently for various reasons.
* [[ApacheOFBiz]]
  * Contacted
  * Due to OFBiz's apparent lack of documentation, e.g. <>, the evaluation has been discontinued.
* [[ExistingProjects/Kuali]]
  * Contacted
  * Discontinued due to the opacity of the Kuali organization.
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## Projects Rejected

These projects have been evaluated as part of this effort and rejected, both
for a basis of this project or for any code reuse.  A few of the primary