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@@ -17,24 +17,25 @@ evaluate these projects to the UseCases we've collected so far.
  * [ERPNext's strange would-be copyright assignment policy is problematic](
     for various reasons; bkuhn has [raised the issue on the ERPNext Developers' Forum](!msg/erpnext-developer-forum/jfsURU8Ew9A/HVDX1z3vvkgJ).
    * [This issue has now been resolved](
  * Updated by Rushabh (ERPNext)
* [[ExistingProjects/GNUCash]]
  * Evaluated by Joar
    * Confirmed as reasonable by someone in the GnuCash IRC channel.
  * Contacted on IRC
* [[ExistingProjects/Ledger]]
  * Evaluated by Joar
* [[ExistingProjects/LedgerSMB]]
* [[ExistingProjects/npo-ledger-cli]]
* [[ExistingProjects/OpenERP]]
* [[ExistingProjects/OpenBravo]] : <>
* [[ExistingProjects/Postbooks]]
* [[ExistingProjects/SQLLedger]]
* [[ExistingProjects/Tryton]]
  * Template filled in by Joar


<a id="temp-reject"></a>
## Projects Temporarily Rejected

These projects have been rejected temporarily (i.e., evaluation is on hold)
because of some issue that seems unresolvable at the moment, but may be
resolved at a later date and will remove the blocker of looking more closely