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Final evaluation of front accounting.
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@@ -14,7 +14,6 @@ evaluate these projects to the UseCases we've collected so far.
* [[ExistingProjects/Bookyt]]
* [[ExistingProjects/ERP5]]
* [[ExistingProjects/ERPNext]]
* [[ExistingProjects/Frontaccounting]]
* [[ExistingProjects/Garradin]]
* [[ExistingProjects/GNUEnterprise]]
* [[ExistingProjects/GNUCash]]
@@ -29,3 +28,17 @@ evaluate these projects to the UseCases we've collected so far.
* [[ExistingProjects/SQLLedger]]
* [[ExistingProjects/Tryton]]
* [[ExistingProjects/webERP]]: <> NOTE: [[Frontaccounting|ExistingProjects/Frontaccounting]] is a fork of webERP.


## Projects Rejected

These projects have been evaluated as part of this effort and rejected, both
for a basis of this project or for any code reuse.  A few of the primary
reasons are given on this page, but the whole evaluation can be read on the
linked page.

* [[ExistingProjects/Frontaccounting#final-eval]]
  * Straight PHP with no framework
  * Data model somewhat messy, accounting not clearly separated.
  * Only one or two developers.
  * Workflow not easily configured.
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@@ -104,3 +104,40 @@ Again, SQL appears to be the only way to interact with the storage of
double-entry data.  Double-entry data does not appear to be segmented away
from the other information.

### Evaluation of the [[Community Health|UseCases/CommunityHealth]]
- Is the
  [[license both determined as Free Software by FSF and OSI-approved|USeCases/CommunityHealth#license-approved]]?
  Yes, it's GPL'ed.
- Is the [[license GPL-compatible||UseCases/CommunityHealth#gpl-compatible]]? Yes.
- Does the project
  [[require assignment of copyright or a CLA to get code upstreamed|UseCases/CommunityHealth#no-cla-for-profit]]?
  Doesn't seem to require that.
- How many
  [[active developers/companies contribute to the project||USeCases/CommunityHealth#dev-count]]?
  Likely two, as two developers made 98% of the commits:
        hg log|egrep '^user'|sort | uniq
     * If there aren't many, how hard would it be to take over the project if
       needed? Does not seem that easy given how it's designed.
- Is there good
  [[developer documentation|UseCases/CommunityHealth#dev-docs]]?
  There's a
  [bit on the wiki](
  but not much.
- How easy it to [[engage as a developer with the community|UseCases/CommunityHealth#dev-welcoming]]?
  [Developers mailing list](
  is barely active.

## Final Evaluation
<a id="final-eval"></a>

Frontaccounting seems to be a project kept alive by just two people who
presumably have deployments that are driving their work, but generally, there
is not much unique about this codebase, and the design doesn't seem to have
many reusuable components.  Converting it for use with non-profits would be
an uphill battle.  While the system clearly works, and is in fact very easy
to install, it has many assumptions about workflow that are likely specific
to its current deployments and inappropriate for non-profits. 

Finally, The use of straight PHP without a framework, and use of deprecated
techniques and APIs means that it will be difficult to attract new
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