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- GNUe mailing list is not very active: <>
- No GNUe announcements since 2009: <>
- I can get the bazaar repo and then get all the GNUe packages by running `./bin/bzr-get-all`, each of the GNUe packages then have an `INSTALL` file in its subdirectory but I cannot find meta-installation instructions for GNUe anywhere on the web, nor in the main GNUe bazaar repository.

I sent an email to Reinhard Mueller, this is his response:
Dear Joar Wandborg,

Am Freitag, 15. November 2013, 17:04:05 schrieb Joar Wandborg:
> I am assessing a wide variety of open source finance/erp/accounting software
> packages[0] for fitness as not-for-profit accounting software on behalf of
> Software Freedom Conservancy, Inc[1].

GNU Enterprise is not a Finance/ERP/Accounting software (yet). While the 
original project goal was to create exactly that, the maintainers at that time 
decided that as a first step, good development tools for database centered 
applications should be created. The focus of development then was strongly on 
these tools, and while they are to a certain extent usable to actually create 
database applications, further development in the project has come to a halt 
because most (all) developers shifted their energy to other projects.

I hope this helps!

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