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Draft transactions use case.
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@@ -20,11 +20,12 @@ You should add your use case as a subpage of the [[UseCases]] page, to create a
- [[Double-entry Accounting|UseCases/DoubleEntryAccounting]]
- [[TrackingIncomeType|UseCases/TrackingIncomeType]]
- [[TrackingDocumentation|UseCases/TrackingDocumentation]]
- [[Handling expense reports and reimbursement requests|UseCases/ReimbursementRequest]]
- [[Handling contractors and contracts|UseCases/ContractorsAndContracts]]
- [[Handling multiple currencies|UseCases/MultiCurrency]]
- [[Draft transactions and approval|UseCases/DraftTransactions]]

### Technical-User-Center Use Cases

- [[Reading and Reporting API|UseCases/ReadingAPI]]
- [[Storage API|UseCases/StorageAPI]]
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# Generating Draft Transactions

As a manager at a nonprofit, I need the ability to have staff propose draft
transactions that are not added to the books official until approved.

As a bookkeeper, I'd like the ability to set up and review draft transactions
before officially adding them to the books, so I can see if they were entered

It should be possible to view any [[reports|GeneratingReports]] or other
system information as if the draft transactions have been applied, via some
configurable option.
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@@ -22,13 +22,14 @@ The organization has to be able to easily:
    perhaps a volunteer project leader must approve, and then later by with
    fiduciary duty to the organization itself).
  * Ideally, the system would auto-detect any places where a travel and/or
    reimbursement policy for the organization is violated (or mandates
    additional approvals).
  * Ideally, the system could "set up" accounting entries for "merger" into
    the accounts, based on an expense report submitted.
    the accounts, based on an expense report submitted, via some
    [[draft transacting approval process|DraftTransactions]].
## Reimbursement: The Traveler's View

From traveler's/reimbursement-requester's view, they'll need:

  * An easy, outward-facing web interface for submitting receipts.
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