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Bradley Kuhn (bkuhn) - 5 years ago 2016-08-30 18:24:34
Ensure user freedom for Javascript.

The fundamental point here probably goes without saying given who the
project leader is. ;)

The LibreJS thing may end up to be nice-to-have. LibreJS has some
serious problems -- I've had difficulty getting websites to work with
the plugin because the LibreJS plugin makes overly simplistic
assumptions about how Javascript is often deployed on a website.

But, we should try to be compatible if it's possible.
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  Whether or not we do this in the first release probably depends on what
  framework we decide to build on.  If the framework itself requires
  JavaScript out of the box, it may make sense to have the first release go
  with the flow, then work to add JavaScript-free functionality in a later
  In any case, Javascript used will respect software freedom of users and, *if
  possible*, will adhere to LibreJS protocols.

## Requirements for later releases

These are features that we would ultimately like the system to have, but we
know aren't necessary for the first version.  It's good to keep them in mind
when architecting, but also to know that they've been considered and aren't
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