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Brett Smith (brett) - 6 years ago 2016-08-31 19:29:10
Expand desired lifecycle tracking.
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@@ -194,8 +194,22 @@ effort for the first release.
    requests, and their approval moves the request into the In Progress
    state.  Their rejection moves the request to the Rejected sate.

  * A leader may need to approve a request before
    it's added to the books, like an employee's manager or a program director
  * Support more review: a leader (such as a manager or program
    director) may need to review and approve a request along with, or
    instead of, the bookkeeper

    * Support automatically determining the appropriate leader for a
      payment request based on information in the request, like a
      "What project is this for?" selection

  * A new state after Approved, Filled, which means that the
    organization has arranged for payment to go out.  The requestor
    should receive a notification when their request moves to the
    Filled state.

  * A new state after Filled, Received, which means the requestor
    received payment.  Bookkeepers should receive a notification when
    the request moves to this state.

* Show currency amounts in the requestor's reimbursement currency

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