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"Purchase Order required" example.
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@@ -30,3 +30,13 @@ this is true, but for non-profits, there is good reason to generate invoices
before accruing the income.  In fact, if you're  generating an invoice merely
to "inspire" a donation, it's wrong to accrue that, since you don't have a
good faith belief that the invoice will be paid.

## <a id="purchase-order-required"></a>The "Purchase Order Required" Example

Many organizations do require issuance of a purchase order before invoicing
is permitted.  However, this isn't mandatory, it's just common practice and
likely this isn't even possible with the types of
[[reimbursement requests|UseCases/ReimbursementRequests]] that some
non-profits have.  (By way of example, Conservancy is sometimes "surprised"
by a volunteer [[reimbursement requests|UseCases/ReimbursementRequests]], so
there's no way we can "require" a PO issuance before accepting any invoice.
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