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Josh Berkus: PostBooks is the pure-OSS GL module from xTuple, which was renamed from OpenMFG.  It is an ERP system, very strongly aimed at manufacturers, so would require some substantial adaptation to NPOs.  However, it benefits from a strong API in the form of PostgreSQL stored procedures, which would make adapting the basic GL functionality to a more complex NPO module feasible, since interaction with the PostBooks GUI would not be required.  One possibility would be to use PostBooks as the backend for a system which also supported ledger-cli; that way users could have the choice of SQL or Git backend.

Daniel Pocock:

* I've recently packaged it for Debian and Ubuntu, this may help it achieve wider usage than some of the more heavy weight Java-based ERP solutions as they are not easily packaged
* Backend is exclusively PostgreSQL for now
* No server processes required other than PostgreSQL itself
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