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# Non-Profit Workflow

<a id="workflow-dictated"></a>

Many accounting systems seem to assume that the workflow fits a certain type
of uses.  While the ability to impose a specific workflow (e.g., for a
bookkeeper who might make an error easily if the system doesn't require a
workflow), the  workflow should not be dictated.
workflow), the workflow should not be dictated.

## <a id="unaccrued-invoice"></a>The "Unaccrued Invoice" Example
<a id="workflow-configurable"></a> Ideally, in fact workflows should be
configurable in some way.  Many systems try to do this and are a bit
constraining on it.

## <a id="unaccrued-invoice"></a>The "Unaccrued Invoice" Example

The easiest example I have of this relates to accruing income upon invoice
generation.  Non-profits very typically generate invoices as part of a
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