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CLA issue.
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@@ -67,4 +67,5 @@ does, so I think it's tough to do it as a list of questions.

### Evaluation of the [[Community Health|UseCases/CommunityHealth]]
- Is the [[license both determined as Free Software by FSF and OSI-approved|USeCases/CommunityHealth#license-approved]]?
- Is the [[license GPL-compatible||USeCases/CommunityHealth#gpl-compatible]]?
- Is the [[license GPL-compatible||UseCases/CommunityHealth#gpl-compatible]]?
- Does the project [[require assignment of copyright or a CLA to get code upstreamed|UseCases/CommunityHealth#no-cla-for-profit]]?
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# Health of the Development Community

## Good License Choice
## Good License and Legal Requirements Choices

<a id="license-approved"></a>
Obviously, code that's not under a license that is both
@@ -16,3 +16,18 @@ can be built on top of anything we build.  Code not under a GPL-compatible
license would face a high burden (i.e., the code would really have to be
absolutely wonderful in all other respects) to dictate such a license choice.

<a id="no-cla-for-profit"></a>
If the project has a CLA other than inbound=outbound, or has copyright
assignment, the beneficiary has to be a 501(c)(3) non-profit, as non-profit
contributors may not be legally permitted to give away code assets to a
for-profit entity or an entity with a different tax status.

Even for 501(c)(3)'s requesting a CLA or copyright assignment, there would
need to be a confirmation that the missions of the orgs were sufficiently

Given that the project is going to solicit support and contributions from
501(c)(3)'s, this issue is particularly important.

## No Legal Barriers

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