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Note the importance the EvaluationTemplate and keeping it in sync.
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There are a number of existing accounting projects. Some of these are listed under <>.

**If your project isn't listed here, feel free to add it!**

These projects will be evaluated for suitability and/or adaptability.
These projects will be evaluated for suitability and/or adaptability.  We
have an [[template you can use|ExistingProjects/EvaluationTemplate]] to
evaluate these projects to the UseCases we've collected so far.


- Look at the packages listed in <>

## List of projects under evaluation
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@@ -10,12 +10,18 @@ A simple form of a use case is
> “As a \<type of user>, I want \<some goal> so that \<some reason>.”

You should add your use case as a subpage of the [[UseCases]] page, to create a new page, simply enter the name of the subpage in the address bar after `/UseCases/`.

## Use cases

If you add or edit UseCases here, please also keep the
[[evaluation template|ExistingProjects/EvaluationTemplate]] in sync with the
use cases.  In other words, if you add a UseCase important enough to be a
criteria in evaluating ExistingProjects, then please make sure to update the
[[evaluation template|ExistingProjects/EvaluationTemplate]].

### Non-Technical-User-Centric Use Cases
- [[GeneratingReports]]
- [[Collaborating]]
- [[Fund Accounting|UseCases/FundAccounting]]
- [[Double-entry Accounting|UseCases/DoubleEntryAccounting]]
- [[TrackingIncomeType|UseCases/TrackingIncomeType]]
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