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@@ -7,13 +7,12 @@ have an [[template you can use|ExistingProjects/EvaluationTemplate]] to
evaluate these projects to the UseCases we've collected so far.

## List of projects under evaluation

* [[ExistingProjects/ADempiere]]
* [[ApacheOFBiz]]
* [[ExistingProjects/BeanBooks]]
* [[ExistingProjects/Bookyt]]
  * Contacted
* [[ExistingProjects/ERP5]]
  * Contacted
* [[ExistingProjects/ERPNext]]
  * Contacted
@@ -61,6 +60,9 @@ linked page.
  * Workflow not easily configured.
* [[ExistingProjects/GNUEnterprise]] 
> GNU Enterprise is not a Finance/ERP/Accounting software (yet). While the original project goal was to create exactly that, the maintainers at that time decided that as a first step, good development tools for database centered applications should be created. The focus of development then was strongly on these tools, and while they are to a certain extent usable to actually create database applications, further development in the project has come to a halt because most (all) developers shifted their energy to other projects.  
 -- Reinhard Mueller
* [[ExistingProjects/Garradin]]
  * Entirely in french, would need l10n, i18n and might not be suitable for US or international use. *Disclaimer: I cannot read french, these are assumptions.*
* [[ExistingProjects/BeansBooks]]
  * [Not free software](
  * The developers have been reached, not yet replied.
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