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  able to decide *while filling out the report*: "ugh, these exchange rates
  to INR are horrible; I'll have them pay my USD account instead").
## Desired features

These are features that we would also, ultimately, like the system to
have.  But they're not as critical as the features in the previous
section, and they don't need to hold as much sway over the choice of a
base system or framework.

* Data import

  * Apps like [Tricky Tripper]( let users
@@ -230,3 +237,15 @@ effort for the first release.
    it.  Probably there would be an import API that can map different import
    formats to a common format, and then administrators can define how
    questions in their system can be answered based on imported data.

* Provide iCalendar feeds for request-related tasks

  We could implement any combination of the following:

  * Each request has its own iCalendar feed

  * Each user has their own iCalendar feed, which includes tasks for
    all the requests they're involved in

  * Each user has their own iCalendar feed, with deadlines aggregated
    within it (e.g., "3 requests outstanding more than 60 days")
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