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- [[Writing use cases for non-profit accounting|UseCases]]


Learning more about this project

You can learn more about what we done so far on this project by:

- Reading this Wiki!
- Reading the [mailing list archives for this project](
- Reading the [the IRC logs of the #npoacct channel](/irclogs/).

Collaborating on the Project
Helping and Collaborating on this Project

You can collaborate with us on this project by:
You can help us and/or collaborate with us on this project by:

  * Editing this Wiki!
  * Joining the discussion on [the mailing list for this projecdt](
  * Joining the discussion on
    [the IRC channel, #npoacct on](
  * [Donating money to fund this effort!](


About This Wiki
This wiki is powered by [[ikiwiki]], which allows for the Wiki contents to be stored in Git.

There is a
[mirror on Gitorious as well](,
but [due to a bug in Gitorious](,
this mirror isn't up to date.  We push to that repository on a regular basis,
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