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Fill multicurrency usecase
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### Evaluation of [[TrackingDocumentation|UseCases/TrackingDocumentation]] UseCases

Tracking is possible. In ERP5 any documents can link to any other documents and can add link as many as one wants.

- Does the system [[link up to external documentation|UseCases/TrackingDocumentation#document-link-up]]? Yes

- Does it have a [[the ability to explore transactions via documentation linkage|UseCases/TrackingDocumentation#document-link-explore]]? Yes

### Evaluation of [[Handling multiple currencies|UseCases/MultiCurrency]] UseCases

- Does it support the concept of
  [[a single functional currency|UseCases/MultiCurrency]], while still
  permitting multi-currency entries?
  permitting multi-currency entries? Yes

### Evaluation of [[draft transaction|UseCases/DraftTransactions]] UseCases

- Does the system allow
  [[generally for draft transactions|UseCases/DraftTransactions#draft-general]]
  that can be later approved before officially being posted to the books? 

### Evaluation of WorkFlow UseCases
- Is a [[specific workflow dictated by the system|UseCases/WorkFlow#workflow-dictated]] ?
- Is a [[the workflow configurable|UseCases/WorkFlow#workflow-configurable]] ?
- [[Unaccrued Invoice|UseCases/WorkFlow#unaccrued-invioice]] ?

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