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Bradley Kuhn (bkuhn) - 9 years ago 2013-11-14 17:50:48
Don't put any text in the <a> with only id so that the class isn't need in CSS.

<joar> you should change it to <a id="foo"></a>Generating reports
<joar> so, just create an empty <a> tag before the anchor target
<bkuhn> is that really the "right way" to do it?
<joar> it's the generally accepted way
<bkuhn> oh, ok.
<joar> it's the way sphinx does it, for example
<joar> I think wikipedia does the same
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As an accountant that collaborates with other accountants I need:


- <a class="idOnly" id="simultaneous-ledger-edits">Simultaneous editing of the same ledger</a>
- <a id="simultaneous-ledger-edits"></a>Simultaneous editing of the same ledger
- FIXME: this should probably be stated differently: In the case of decentralized ledgers, such as ledger-cli files shared via DVCS
  - Easy synchronization of entries from separate ledgers

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@@ -5,13 +5,13 @@ As an US-based NPO I need a way to *generate reports* in order to:

The usual reports an NPO is expected to generate, and all of these should be generatable for any given date period:

- <a class="idOnly" id="trial-balance"></a>[Trial balance](
- <a class="idOnly" id="bank-reconciliation"></a> [Bank Reconciliation Report](
- <a id="trial-balance"></a>[Trial balance](
- <a id="bank-reconciliation"></a> [Bank Reconciliation Report](
    + This report often needs to be generated with input from the user, since [the subset sum problem]( is [NP-complete](, human intervention is often needed to identify the specific transactions to show on this report.
-  <a class="idOnly" id="chart-of-accounts"></a> [Chart of accounts](
-  <a class="idOnly" id="cash-disbursements">Cash Disbursements Journal</a>
- <a class="idOnly" id="income-report">Income Report</a> (just a list/sum of all Income accounts for a period)
- <a class="idOnly" id="expenses-report">Expenses Report</a>  (just a list/sum of all Expenses accounts for a period)
-  <a id="chart-of-accounts"></a> [Chart of accounts](
-  <a id="cash-disbursements"></a>Cash Disbursements Journal
- <a id="income-report"></a>Income Report (just a list/sum of all Income accounts for a period)
- <a id="expenses-report"></a>Expenses Report  (just a list/sum of all Expenses accounts for a period)
- [[Fund Report|UseCases/FundAccounting#FundReport]]

Also, To handle [[UseCases/FundAccounting]] all of these reports should be generatable narrowed to specific funds.
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@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ of uses.  While the ability to impose a specific workflow (e.g., for a
bookkeeper who might make an error easily if the system doesn't require a
workflow), the  workflow should not be dictated.

## <a class="idOnly" id="unaccrued-invoice">The "Unaccrued Invoice" Example</a>
## <a id="unaccrued-invoice"></a>The "Unaccrued Invoice" Example


The easiest example I have of this relates to accruing income upon invoice
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@@ -27,6 +27,3 @@ footer {
.npoacct-navbar .createlink a {
  color: #ce1f1f;
a.idOnly {
text-decoration: none !important;
\ No newline at end of file
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