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Brett Smith (brett) - 7 years ago 2016-09-06 15:15:25
Add payment automation as a desired reimbursements feature.
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@@ -229,23 +229,36 @@ have.  But they're not as critical as the features in the previous
section, and they don't need to hold as much sway over the choice of a
base system or framework.

* Data import

  * Apps like [Tricky Tripper]( let users
    track expenses for a trip as they go.  The system could import this data
    to prepopulate answers to questions about the request and expenses in
    it.  Probably there would be an import API that can map different import
    formats to a common format, and then administrators can define how
    questions in their system can be answered based on imported data.

* Automatically prepare payment

  * Print checks with the requestor's name and approved amount

  * Automatically submit wire transfers through standard APIs like HBCI

  [I think this is required functionality for the NPO Accounting Project in
  the long term, but there are probably other solutions if it's not
  included directly in this reimbursement system.  I think we'd be willing
  to use an existing system or framework that didn't have a good way to
  provide this functionality, as long as there could be another way to build

* Provide iCalendar feeds for request-related tasks

  We could implement any combination of the following:

  * Each request has its own iCalendar feed

  * Each user has their own iCalendar feed, which includes tasks for
    all the requests they're involved in

  * Each user has their own iCalendar feed, with deadlines aggregated
    within it (e.g., "3 requests outstanding more than 60 days")
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