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In fiscal sponsors, these funds are typically classified by auditors and/or
accountants as "temporarily restricted assets", and spending of the assets
are governed by a fiscal sponsorship agreement
([[see examples below|FundAccounting#Other_Resources]]).

<a id="Fund_Report"></a>
## Fund Report

The "fund report" is a shorthand name for a Temporarily Restricted Net Assets
Report.  This report shows the temporarily restricted income, expenses and
assets.  (An example of such a report can be found on page 6 of
[Conservancy's FY 2011 Audited Financial statement](

<a id="Subset_of_the_Books"></a>
## Subset of the Books

Ultimately, any account system that truly supports fiscal sponsorship must
provide all functions, reports, editing, interaction and viewing to allow a
user to view a "subset" of the books that are specific to any given fund.  In
essence, the books of a fiscal sponsoring org are proper superset of all the
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