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Better explain the functionality line between first and later releases.
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## Requirements for later releases

These are features that we would ultimately like the system to have, but we
know aren't possible for the first version given time allotted for its
development.  It's good to keep them in mind when architecting, but also to
know that they've been considered and aren't immediately possible.
These are features that we would ultimately like the system to have.  We
would also like to release a first version as early as possible, to start
getting feedback from users and generating more development interest.  It's
good to keep these in mind when architecting—in particular, we may choose an
existing system to use, or framework to build on, based on its ability to
support these features.  However, they needn't be a focus of development
effort for the first release.

* Allow optional questions: With this, question conditions probably need to
be extended to address the case of "other question isn't answered"
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