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@@ -34,12 +34,13 @@ skills and background best when submitting your application.
    A successful student should be able to complete that work about
    three-quarters the way through the summer, and then be able to focus on
    actually writing a few specialized NPO-style report using the API.  A
    great acid test will be to use the API to implement the
    [IRS required charity public support test](,-Schedules-A-and-B:-Public-Charity-Support-Test).

* * *

2. Convert  [Ledger-CLI]( to use fixed-point

   Currently Ledger-CLI uses floating point arithmetic, which is definitely a
   mistake for an accounting system.  This causes
@@ -52,12 +53,13 @@ skills and background best when submitting your application.
      * Rework the codebase to use fixed-point arithmetic so those bugs are
      * Shepherd the patch upstream.
      * Time permitting: verify that other Ledger implementations don't
        face the same problem.

* * *

3. Build a better test suite for [Ledger-CLI](

   Since this project relies so heavily on Ledger-CLI, we'd really like there
   to be a full test coverage for Ledger-CLI.  To do that, a student will
   need to be already somewhat familiar C++ and willing to learn about how to
@@ -71,12 +73,13 @@ skills and background best when submitting your application.
    While this project is of primary interest to this project, it will
    require careful coordination with Ledger-CLI as an upstream, and we'll
    help mentor the student in that.
* * *

4. Build a better Python interface to Ledger-CLI for use by our API.

   Right now, Ledger-CLI has a rather incomplete Python interface, based on
   However, the right approach is probably to use
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