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[[LedgerSMB]] is a fork of SQLLedger:

- [[!wikipedia SQL-Ledger#Licensing_Issues]]
- [[!wikipedia LedgerSMB#Forking_controversy]]


- [[!wikipedia SQL-Ledger]] - Wikipedia
- <> - Project homepage
- <> - Source code

## Technical

- Perl
- SQL DB (Postgres mentioned on project homepage)
- Web-based

## Preliminary evaluation

### Positive

- i18n

### Negative

- Unclear directory structure
- Seemingly no API documentation
- Documentation not open source

### Comments

Josh Berkus:  I was an early (uncredited) contributor to SQL-Ledger, and part of the fork.  The reasons we created the fork:
- Many known security holes (reference early LedgerSMB releases, which fix these.  They are still not fixed in current SQLLedger)
- Primary developer hostile to outside contributions, and did not credit the contributions he did receive.  Also relicensed contributions without permission.  I know, because some of the contributions were mine.
- Basically the primitive ancestor of LedgerSMB