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Review your selection

{% items_pending as pending %} {% if pending %}

Current selection

You've selected the following items, which will be in your invoice when you check out:

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You've already paid for the following items:

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Add to your selection

You can add these items now, or you can come back and add them in a later purchase.

{% if missing %}

You have not selected any items from the following categories. Even if your ticket includes complimentary tickets to social events, or t-shirts, you must still add them to your selection.

{% include "registrasion/_category_list.html" with categories=missing %} {% endif %}

You can also select more items from these categories:

{% available_categories as available %} {% include "registrasion/_category_list.html" with categories=available exclude=missing %}

What next?

You can either generate an invoice and pay for your registration, or return to the dashboard.

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{% else %}

You have no items that need to be paid.

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{% endif %} {% endblock %}