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Making a Business Case for Attending, or: How to Pitch Your Manager

Why Go to Conferences at All?

Conferences are a fantastic way to broaden your horizons as a Python user and maker of software. You'll hear about new and exciting ways to use Python, best practices for building, testing, and deploying your software and for working together as a team and community of Pythonistas, and more. And that's just from the scheduled talks — during breaks and in the evening, you'll be having coffee or lunch with fellow attendees and discussing whatever strikes your fancy.

Why Attend North Bay Python?

If you're in the Bay Area already, North Bay Python is easy to travel to and inexpensive, while maintaining the same commitment to well-curated, world-class content. Many of our speakers have presented at larger Python conferences and other events around the world.

Our community is also a great place to connect with Python users who might be seeking employment, or vendors that might just solve a problem your team has been wrestling with.

What Does the Company Get?

Your employer could sponsor North Bay Python, putting their brand front and center in front of approximately 400 attendees. Even without a sponsorship, however, a Professional registration gets your employer's name on your badge and demonstrates their commitment to supporting the non-profit events and communities that produce the open-source Python software we all use.

Offer to take notes and summarize the conference for your co-workers — a post-conference report is a good way to show concrete knowledge you acquired and share it with others. Managers love things like this.

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