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North Bay Python

A Python conference north of the Golden Gate

Petaluma, California

2017 conference: 2 & 3 December

Talk submissions close 29 September

Downtown Petaluma

Here is some text about Petaluma and the Mystic Theatre. It's pretty great. The mystic is close to restaurants and hotels. Petaluma is only an hour out of San Francisco. Blah.

Image credit: Mystic Theatre, © 2017 Christopher Neugebauer (CC-BY-SA)


Inclusion and Diversity

Statement about commitment to inclusion and diversity. Strong code of conduct. Short and long term diversity targets in our call for proposals. Cheap tickets, with an entry fee that we will waive on request. Financial assistance for those who need it.

Image credit: DjangoGirls Brisbane 2014, © 2014 Richard Jones (CC-BY)
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