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Christopher Neugebauer
re-add finaid.htm
<p><strong>NOTICE:</strong> The below statement is automatically generated, and will be voided if you amend your registration before payment, or if discounts or products contained in the statement become unavailable. The items and discounts are only reserved until the due time.</p>

{% url "invoice_access" invoice.user.attendee.access_code as access_url %}
{% url "invoice" invoice.user.attendee.access_code as invoice_url %}

<p>You can send the following links to your accounts department to pay for your registration:</p>

  <li>{{ current_host|add:access_url|urlize }} &ndash; your most recent statement or receipt</li>
  <li>{{ current_host|add:invoice_url|urlize }} &ndash; this statement, even if it becomes void.</li>