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Christopher Neugebauer
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{% extends "site_base.html" %}
{% load bootstrap %}
{% load registrasion_tags %}

{% block body %}

<h2>Item summary for {{ user.attendee.attendeeprofilebase.attendee_name }}

<h3>Paid Items</h3>

<p>You cannot remove paid items from someone's registration. You must first
  cancel the invoice that added those items. You will need to re-add the items
  from that invoice for the user to have them available again.</p>

{% include "registrasion/_items_list.html" with items=paid %}

<h3>Cancelled Items</h3>

{% include "registrasion/_items_list.html" with items=cancelled %}

<h3>Amend pending items</h3>

<form method="POST">
  {% csrf_token %}
  {{ form | bootstrap}}
  <input type="submit">

<h3>Generate invoice</h3>

  <a class="btn btn-xs btn-default" href="{% url "checkout" %}">Check out cart and view invoice</a>

<h3>Apply voucher</h3>

<form method="POST">
  {% csrf_token %}
  {{ voucher_form | bootstrap}}
  <input type="submit">

{% endblock %}