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Patrick Altman
Clean up some of the voting status UI
{% load i18n %}

<dl class="dl-horizontal">
    <dt>{% trans "Submitted by" %}</dt>
    <dd>{{ proposal.speaker }}</dd>

    <dt>{% trans "Track" %}</dt>
    <dd>{{ proposal.track }}&nbsp;</dd>

    <dt>{% trans "Audience Level" %}</dt>
    <dd>{{ proposal.get_audience_level_display }}&nbsp;</dd>

    {% if proposal.additional_speakers.all %}
        <dt>{% trans "Additional Speakers" %}</dt>
            {% for speaker in proposal.additional_speakers.all %}
                    {% if speaker.user %}
                        <strong>{{ }}</strong> &lt;{{ }}&gt;
                    {% else %}
                        {{ }} ({% trans "Invitation Sent" %})
                    {% endif %}
            {% endfor %}
    {% endif %}

    <dt>{% trans "Description" %}</dt>
    <dd>{{ proposal.description }}&nbsp;</dd>

    <dt>{% trans "Abstract" %}</dt>
    <dd>{{ proposal.abstract|safe }}&nbsp;</dd>

    <dt>{% trans "Notes" %}</dt>
    <dd>{{ proposal.additional_notes|safe }}&nbsp;</dd>

    <dt>{% trans "Speaker Bio" %}</dt>
    <dd>{{ proposal.speaker.biography|safe }}&nbsp;</dd>

    <dt>{% trans "Documents" %}</dt>
        {% if proposal.supporting_documents.exists %}
            <table class="table table-striped">
                {% for document in proposal.supporting_documents.all %}
                        <td><a href="{{ document.download_url }}">{{ document.description }}</a></td>
                        <form style="margin: 0;" method="post" action="{% url "proposal_document_delete" %}">
                            {% csrf_token %}
                            <button type="submit" class="btn btn-xs">delete</button>
                {% endfor %}
        {% else %}
            No supporting documents attached to this proposal.
        {% endif %}