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  A single-track conference north of the Golden Gate, focused on community,
  collaboration, and all things Python.
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  North Bay Python is a two-day, single-track Python conference held in the
  Mystic Theatre in Historic Downtown Petaluma, California, held over the
  weekend of December 2 &amp; 3, 2017.

  We're a nonprofit conference for professionals, enthusiasts and students
  alike; we're focused on inclusion, accessibility, diversity, and
  affordability; and we're planning a great lineup of talks from all over the
  Python ecosystem, with plenty of time to meet new people and
  develop new ideas too.

  Our venue, the historic Mystic Theatre in Downtown Petaluma, is a
  beautiful example of an early 1900s Vaudeville theatre, and it's a short walk
  away from over fifty different food and drink options in Downtown Petaluma,
  as well as several different hotels, the closest of which is only a block away.

<h2>The Conference</h2>

  North Bay Python is a single-track conference, with a carefully curated set
  of talks representing the truly diverse Python community and their different
  areas of interest.

  If a topic is less to your interest, or you've met some people you really
  want to sit down and chat with, we'll have plenty of areas
  away from the main theatre to catch up and chat as well.

<h2>Petaluma, California</h2>

  North Bay Python's home is Petaluma, a delightfully quaint dairy town,
  nestled on a river at the southern edge of California's Wine Country. We've
  got beautiful scenery right on our doorstep, and we're less than an hour's
  drive from San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge.

  The Mystic is not the only local example of early 1900s architecture, either;
  downtown is full of historic buildings, and it's at the center of the
  maker movement and a thriving craft brewery scene.

<h3>Getting here</h3>

<h4>By car</h4>

  If you're driving up, Downtown Petaluma is at exit 472 on Highway 101, 35
  miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. All parking is free in Petaluma,
  including in the undercover garages at Keller St and Theatre Square, both
  are in short walking distance of the Mystic.

<h4>By bus</h4>

  Public transit to Petaluma is not great. You can take the 101 bus operated
  by Golden Gate Transit from downtown San Francisco, or south from Santa Rosa.
  Depending on sponsorship, we hope to run a free shuttle with BART and
  Caltrain connections for people from further out of town.

<h4>By plane</h4>

  If you're coming from out of the area, you may want to consider Sonoma County
  Airport (STS) &ndash; it's 30 minutess out of Petaluma, and has nonstop
  flights to most major west coast cities. If you can't make it to STS, you can
  also try San Francisco (SFO) or Oakland (OAK) international airports.

<h3>Staying here</h3>

  Petaluma, as well as being a place where people live, also has hotels! We're
  arranging deals with some of the best local hotels in the area &ndash; the
  closest is just one block away. We'll share details of our hotel deals with
  you when conference tickets go on sale.

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