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<p>Below is an overview of sponsorship levels. Please see our <a href="/sponsors/prospectus">prospectus</a> or contact <a href=""></a> for additional details.</p>

<h2>Package Sponsorship</h2>
<h2>Package Sponsorship <small>starts at $2000</small></h2>

<p>Package sponsorships are the widest-reaching and best value sponsorships we offer at North Bay Python. When our attendees arrive at the venue, they'll see your signage as they walk through the door. As they're sitting in the theatre, they'll see your logo on the backdrop behind the speakers, and on-screen on between talks. You'll also get the chance to present a short talk about your organization between two of our invited presentations.</p>

<h2>À la Carte Sponsorship</h2>
<h2>À la Carte Sponsorship <small>starts at $3000</small></h2>

<p>If you're looking for something a bit more exclusive, North Bay Python's À la Carte sponsorships allow you to promote your organization as part of an important offering during the conference, including lanyards, catering, or video branding. We'll also recognize you as a Silver package sponsor, with the opportunity for discounted upgrades to higher package tiers.</p>