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<p>To buy a ticket, <a href="/dashboard">create an account, and go to the dashboard</a>. If you've already bought a ticket, you can check out our information on <a href="/attend/hotels">where to stay</a> and <a href="/attend/travel">how to get here</a>.

<p>We also have guides on <a href="/go/fly">how to fly to North Bay Python</a>, <a href="/go/day-trip">how to make day trips from elsewhere in the Bay Area</a>, and <a href="/go/stay">how to make a weekend of it and stay around Petaluma</a>.</p>

<p><strong>Attendees should fill out their own registration form</strong>. When you complete the form, you'll receive a link that you can pass on if someone is paying on your behalf.</p>

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<div class="pull-right"><a class="btn btn-lg btn-primary" href="/tickets/buy">Buy a Ticket</a></div>
<h2>Which Ticket?</h2>

<p><em><a href="/attend/tshirt">T-shirts</a> are only available for tickets bought before October 8th.</em></p>
<p><em><a href="/attend/tshirt">T-shirts</a> are only available for tickets bought before October 9th.</em></p>

<h3>Corporate <small>$200</small></h3>

<p><strong>For company employees, and individuals who can claim the cost of attending the conference as a business expense or other tax deduction</strong>.</p>

<p>Includes a free t-shirt, and recognition of your affiliation on your conference badge and on the conference supporters list. Group discounts are available for organizations that buy 5 or more tickets.</p>

<h3>Individual Supporter <small>$100</small></h3>

<p><strong>For individuals who want to financially contribute to the success of the conference.</strong></p>

<p>This ticket includes a free t-shirt, and recognition of your Free and Open Source Software, hobby, or nonprofit project on your conference badge.</p>
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<p>In order to keep ticket costs as low as possible, we don't cater lunch.</p>

<p>To make up for it, we’ve located our conference right in the middle of Historic Downtown Petaluma’s restaurant district. You can find everything from market delis and barbecue, through to Michelin-rated restaurants, all within 5 minutes walk. You’ll get a better lunch than we’d ever be able to cater, for much less. We'll have a locals' guide to Petaluma to help you find places to eat.</p>

<h3>Morning Refreshments</h3>
<p>We'll provide coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and some light snacks in the morning before proceedings kick off on both days.</p>

<p>We’ll be designing a collectible North Bay Python t-shirt for you to pick up at the conference, and they’ll be <a href="/attend/tshirt">available in a variety of sizes, cuts and colors</a>. Each t-shirt costs $30, and for supporter, corporate, and sponsor ticket holders, you’ll get your first t-shirt free!</p>

<p>T-shirts are available only for tickets purchased by Tuesday 9 October.</p>
<p>T-shirts are available only for tickets purchased by Wednesday, October 9th.</p>


<p>Every attendee gets their very own lanyard and a badge with their name on it. For higher-paying ticket holders, you’ll get your project’s name (supporter and above) or company name (corporate or sponsor levels only) on your badge, just below your name.</p>

<h3>Supporter Recognition</h3>
<p>On our website, we’ll have a list of our conference supporters. You can choose to have your name on that list.</p>

<p>For our corporate and sponsor ticket holders, we’ll also include your company name as part of those thanks.</p>

<h3>Sponsor Benefits</h3>
<p>Sponsor tickets come with sponsor benefits. To find out more, see our <a href="/sponsors/become-a-sponsor">Sponsors page</a>.</p>