diff --git a/pinaxcon/templates/static_pages/about/team.html b/pinaxcon/templates/static_pages/about/team.html index 9b0cf264b9ee74f7d9f484f07591de29e16663d2..9fa8366ebef19114e12255a721afbabaeb713475 100644 --- a/pinaxcon/templates/static_pages/about/team.html +++ b/pinaxcon/templates/static_pages/about/team.html @@ -57,6 +57,7 @@ Our team of North Bay and Bay Area locals has years of experience building commu
  • Nicolas Steenhout is helping us with accessibility and inclusion of people with disabilities.
  • VM (Vicky) Brasseur is helping us run an excellent call for proposals, design our office hours program, and support new speakers with speaker training.
  • Jennifer Davis is helping us make the event accessible to parents by advising on things like childcare.
  • +
  • Miguel Hernandez is helping us build a more inclusive event with outreach to Latinx communities.