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            <span class="wrap-break">Talk proposal submissions are now open, until August 16th.</span>
            <span class="wrap-break">Ticket Sales open soon!</span>
            <span class="wrap-break"><a href="/speak">Submit your proposal now!</a></span>
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### Proposal submissions for North Bay Python 2019 are open!
### Proposal submissions for North Bay Python 2019 have closed!

_This page is in place as historical information_

There's information and resources below that you should read, but in case you've already read it and want to dive in now:

<div class="btn-group">
  <a class="btn btn-lg btn-primary" href="/dashboard">Submit a Proposal</a>

If you've never presented at a conference before and think you might like to try it, *we want to hear from you!* The program committee encourages and supports new speakers. We can provide detailed feedback and work with you to develop your proposal and talk content so you can give the best talk possible.

Curious about how we choose talks? You can read about our [selection process](/program/selection-process).

Portions of this page were drawn from ideas seen on [DjangoCon EU](, [SeaGL](, [Fog City Ruby](, and others. Thanks to all for their inspiration and permission to borrow!
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