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North Bay Python

`PinaxCon` is a working demo of Symposion and the Symposion Starter Project. It usually lives at
The website for North Bay Python is a Django application with Symposion and Registrasion.

This is a fork of PinaxCon to demonstrate Registrasion, a registration package that works well with Symposion. You can find Registrasion at

Registrasion has relaively complete docs at
1. pip install -r requirements
2. python createsuperuser
3. python loaddata fixtures/*
4. python migrate

Reference Material

What is the point of this?
This project provides some starter templates for much of the functionality of Registrasion, as well as demos of how to make payments and enter user profiles.

If you care to, you can also use this project as a starting point for your own Registrasion-based site.
* Registrasion docs are at
* Symposion docs are at
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