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  If you're coming from out of town, we'd love you to stay the night! We've made arrangements with the best hotels in Petaluma, with exclusive rates for North Bay Python attendees.
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<h2>Official Hotels</h2>

<p>We've made arrangements with three local accommodation providers to suit different budget options.</p>

<h3>Staying Here</h3>
<h3>Hotel Petaluma</h3>

<p>Petaluma also has hotels! We're arranging deals with some of the best local hotels in the area &ndash; the closest is just one block away. We'll share details with you when conference tickets go on sale.</p>
<dl class="dl-horizontal">
  <dt>Where</dt><dd><a href=",+Petaluma+Boulevard+North,+Petaluma,+CA/Hotel+Petaluma,+205+Kentucky+St,+Petaluma,+CA+94952">205 Kentucky St (0.2mi from venue)</a></dd>
  <dt>How Much</dt><dd>$117-$153/night + tax</dd>
  <dt>Style</dt><dd>Limited-Service Hotel</dd>
  <dt>Book by</dt><dd>November 1st</dd>

# Confirmed and co-operating:
<p>The only hotel in Downtown Petaluma is a recently renovated boutique hotel in a 1920s-era building. It's a short walk from North Bay Python's venue, and is close to Petaluma's best places to eat and drink. Hotel Petaluma has offered all of their available rooms to North Bay Python attendees, so if you want to stay as close as possible to the venue, book through our exclusive link by November 1st.</p>

- Hotel Petaluma: Two blocks away. Exclusive rate, starts at $117+tax.
- Sheraton: 1.7mi away, on the river. Exclusive rate, starts at $129+tax
- Quality Inn: 3.7mi away, on the freeway. Discount rate (15% off the
public rate), currently starts at $81+tax
<div class="btn-group">
  <a class="btn btn-lg btn-primary" href="">Book Hotel Petaluma</a>


<h3>Sheraton Petaluma</h3>

# In progress + likely:
<dl class="dl-horizontal">
  <dt>Where</dt><dd>Petaluma Marina, <a href=",+23+Petaluma+Blvd+N,+Petaluma,+CA+94952/Sheraton+Sonoma+County+-+Petaluma,+Baywood+Drive,+Petaluma,+CA">745 Baywood Dr (1.7mi from venue)</a></dd>
  <dt>How Much</dt><dd>$129/night + tax</dd>
  <dt>Style</dt><dd>Full-Service Hotel</dd>
  <dt>Book by</dt><dd>November 17th</dd>

- America's Best Value Inn: 3.7mi away, on the freeway. Working on an
exclusive rate, with some rooms held (they want a credit card to hold
rooms). Currently starts at $70+tax.
<p>The only full-service hotel in Petaluma operated by a major chain. The Sheraton sits on the riverfront at the Petaluma Marina, and is a short drive from the venue. Our exclusive rate of $129/night is available until November 17th.</p>

<div class="btn-group">
  <a class="btn btn-lg btn-primary" href="">Book Sheraton Petaluma</a>

# In progress + questionable

- Best Western: 1.5mi away, on the freeway. They offer 10% off for
people who sign up for their mailing list, or AAA members. Currently
starts at $75+tax.

<h3>Quality Inn Petaluma</h3>

# Not yet contacted:
<dl class="dl-horizontal">
  <dt>Where</dt><dd><a href=",+23+Petaluma+Blvd+N,+Petaluma,+CA+94952/Quality+Inn+Petaluma+-+Sonoma,+Montero+Way,+Petaluma,+CA">5100 Montero Way (3.7mi from venue)</a></dd>
  <dt>How Much</dt><dd>from $81/night + tax</dd>
  <dt>Style</dt><dd>Motor Inn</dd>
  <dt>Book</dt><dd>while rooms last</dd>

- Motel 6: 3.7mi away, near the freeway. Opposite Lagunitas. Currently
starts at $70+tax.
<p>A modern, comfortable motel at the northern end of the city is a great option for attendees looking to save money. North Bay Python attendees get 15% off the best published rate at the time of booking by using our exclusive booking link.</p>

<div class="btn-group">
  <a class="btn btn-lg btn-primary" href="">Book Quality Inn Petaluma</a>

Won't contact, but will advertise:

KOA camping+cabins: 3.7mi away, near the freeway. Have 3-bed cabins
with bathrooms for $99, and 6-bed cabins with bathrooms for $149.

<h2>Other options</h2>

<h3>In Petaluma</h3>

<p>There are other options for staying in Petaluma, that cater to a variety of budgets. We don't have an official relationship with these vendors, and provide these links for informational purposes only.</p>

    <strong><a href="">Metro Hotel</a></strong>. Boutique Hotel,
    <a href=",+Petaluma+Boulevard+North,+Petaluma,+CA/Metro+Hotel+%26+Cafe,+508+Petaluma+Blvd+S,+Petaluma,+CA+94952">508 Petaluma Blvd S (0.4mi from venue)</a>
    <strong><a href="">Best Western Petaluma Inn</a></strong>. Motor Inn,
    <a href=",+23+Petaluma+Blvd+N,+Petaluma,+CA+94952/Best+Western+Petaluma+Inn,+South+McDowell+Boulevard,+Petaluma,+CA">200 S McDowell Blvd (1.5mi from venue)</a>
    <strong><a href="">America's Best Value Inn &amp; Suites</a></strong>. Motor Inn,
    <a href=",+Montero+Way,+Petaluma,+CA/Mystic+Theatre,+23+Petaluma+Blvd+N,+Petaluma,+CA+94952">5135 Montero Way (3.7mi from venue)</a>
    <strong><a href="">Motel 6</a></strong>. Motel,
    <a href=",+North+McDowell+Boulevard,+Petaluma,+CA/Mystic+Theatre,+23+Petaluma+Blvd+N,+Petaluma,+CA+94952">1368 N McDowell Blvd (3.8mi from venue)</a>
    <strong><a href="">KOA San Francisco North/Petaluma</a></strong>. Campground with self-contained cabins,
    <a href=",+Rainsville+Road,+Petaluma,+CA/Mystic+Theatre,+23+Petaluma+Blvd+N,+Petaluma,+CA+94952">20 Rainsville Rd (3.8mi from venue)</a>


<h3>Further Afield</h3>

<p>If you can't find something you're looking for in Petaluma, the nearby freeway town of Rohnert Park is 15 minutes drive away and has plenty of accommodation next to the freeway. People looking to spend obscene amounts of money may also be interested in the resort town of Sonoma, which is 20 minutes drive away.</p>

<p>Reasonable chain hotel and motel options also exist in Novato, however, we don't recommend staying there as traffic can be unpredictable.</p>


{% endblock %}
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