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  <li><strong><a href="/attend/business-case">How to Pitch Your Manager</a></strong> can help you articulate the business case for paying for you to go to North Bay Python to your manager.</li>
  <li><strong><a href="/attend/travel">How to Get Here</a></strong> covers traveling to and from the conference, including driving, flying, and public transportation.</li>
  <li><strong><a href="/wiki/ride-sharing/">Ride Sharing</a></strong> with other attendees can help you meet other attendees - and save money!</li>
  <li><strong><a href="/wiki/room-sharing/">Room Sharing</a></strong> with other attendees can reduce the cost of lodging.</li>
  <li><strong><a href="/attend/hotels">Where to Stay</a></strong> will help you navigate local lodging with a listing of options alongside info about distance and cost.</li>

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