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<h2>North Bay Python is here!</h2>

<p><span class="date">Wednesday, November 29, 2017</span>&mdash;The inaugural North Bay Python officially kicks off this Saturday, December 2nd at 10am Pacific Time. We are expecting gloriously California winter weather with a mixture of clouds, sunshine, and brisk temperatures.</p>

<p>Speakers and attendees are traveling from the UK, Mexico, and all around the United States to participate, with most coming from the West Coast. Attendees will enjoy 20 sessions, 2 keynotes, a smattering of <a href="/program/events">official</a> and <a href="/wiki/meetups/">unofficial side events</a> including a pre-event social, a speaker training, and a PyLadies lunch. A full listing of <a href="/program/events">events</a> and <a href="/schedule/">sessions</a> can be found on our website.</p>

<p>We hope those that aren't able to join us this year can participate next year&ndash;dates to be announced&ndash;and will enjoy the video recordings that we'll be posting to <a href="">YouTube</a> and the Internet Archive.</p>

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<h2>Introducing Guides and the Attendee Wiki</h2>

<p><span class="date">Tuesday, November 14, 2017</span>&mdash;Today we are launching the <a href="/wiki">Attendee Wiki</a> for North Bay Python 2017 attendees, as well as <a href="/guides">a small pile of guides</a> to help people make the most of their conference experience.</p>

<p>We've sketched out a few key guides, such as:</p>
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