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    <div class="container homepage-block-content">
      <h1>Downtown Petaluma</h1>

      <p>Here is some text about Petaluma and the Mystic Theatre. It's pretty great. The mystic is close to restaurants and hotels. Petaluma is only an hour out of San Francisco. Blah.</p>
      <p>North Bay Python's home is Petaluma, a shockingly quaint dairy town, nestled on a river at the edge of California's Wine Country.</p>

      <p>We're hosting the conference at the Mystic Theatre, a 1912-era music hall, right in the middle of Historic Downtown Petaluma. There's countless great places to eat right on our doorstep, craft food and drink producers within walking distance, and plenty of places to stay nearby.</p>

      <p>And it's only an hour's drive out of San Francisco (on a good day).</p>


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    <div class="container homepage-block-content">

      <h1>Inclusion and Diversity</h1>

      <p>Statement about commitment to inclusion and diversity. Strong code of conduct. Short and long term diversity targets in our call for proposals. Cheap tickets, with an entry fee that we will waive on request. Financial assistance for those who need it.</p>
      <p>North Bay Python is proud to be founded on a commitment to inclusion and diversity.</p>

      <p>We value your safety, so we have a strong Code of Conduct and enforcement policy built on the Python Software Foundation's PyCon US policy.</p>

      <p>We have set diversity targets for our conference program, including short-term and long-term goals for gender balance. We make financial assistance available to speakers.</p>

      <p>We will always have low-cost tickets available, and we will enthusiastically waive ticket costs on request if you need it.</p>


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