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<h2>Full program and Transparency Report released</h2>

<p><span class="date">Tuesday, October 24, 2017</span>&mdash;We've now confirmed <a href="/schedule/general-sessions/list/all">all 20 of our session speakers</a> and are pleased to announce <a href="">Brandon Rhodes</a> will be joining <a href="">Carina C. Zona</a> as a keynote speaker at North Bay Python 2017.<p>


<p>Now that the program's been completed, we can also release our <a href="/about/program-transparency">Program Transparency Report</a>. While we're proud of our program, we set goals for our program and didn't achieve them all. Our report details the issues, initiatives, and next steps so we can do a better job next year.</p>

<p>We are pleased to say that X% of our speakers are women and Y% of sessions are being given by first-time speakers we helped with their proposals. All speakers are invited to a join us for a pre-event training.</p>

<p>With the conference just 6 weeks away, we've launched the <a href="/wiki">Attendee Wiki</a> so people can organize ride and roomshares, and get togethers.</p>

<p>In the coming weeks we will add a visitor's guide including gyms, restaurants, local parks, tourist attractions, and activities for people who are traveling with their families.</p>

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<h2>Preview the North Bay Python 2017 program schedule</h2>

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