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<h4>Josh Simmons</h4>
<p><img src="{% static "images/team/josh.jpg" %}" alt="Josh Simmons" class="team-headshot">Josh is a community organizer and web developer with a penchant for armchair philosophy who was born and raised in the North Bay. He spent 4.5 years building Web &amp; Interactive Media Professionals (WIMP), a local community with over 600 members, before moving on to do community management for O'Reilly Media. These days Josh works on the Google Open Source outreach team and serves as a board member and volunteer CFO for Open Source Initiative. (<a href="" title="Josh Simmons on Twitter">@joshsimmons on Twitter</a>)</p>

<h2>Software Freedom Conservancy</h2>


<p>We acknowledge that our small team has limited perspective, and that to build a truly inclusive event, we need to seek the perspectives of a diverse range of people. We thank the following people and organizations for providing us with advice along the way.</p>

  <li>Nic Steenhout</li>
  <li>VM (Vicky) Brasseur</li>


<h2>Supporting organizations</h2>
<h4>Software Freedom Conservancy</h4>

<p><a href="" title="Software Freedom Conservancy on Twitter">Conservancy</a> is a public charity dedicated to the promotion and development of free and open source software, and is the fiscal sponsor of North Bay Python. Without Conservancy and the people behind it&mdash;namely <a href="" title="Karen Sandler on Twitter">Karen Sandler</a>, <a href="" title="Bradley Kuhn on Twitter">Bradley Kuhn</a>, <a href="" title="Tony Sebro on Twitter">Tony Sebro</a>, and <a href="" title="Brett Smith on Twitter">Brett Smith</a>&mdash;none of this would be possible!</p>

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