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[![Join us on Slack](](

Pinax is an open-source platform built on the Django Web Framework. It is an ecosystem of reusable Django apps, themes, and starter project templates.
This collection can be found at


`PinaxCon` is a working demo of Symposion and the Symposion Starter Project.  Online at: ( until DNS is configured)



Getting Started

Make sure you are using a virtual environment of some sort (e.g. `virtualenv` or

createdb pinaxcon
pip install -r requirements.txt
@@ -50,13 +50,12 @@ We would also highly recommend for your to read our [Open Source and Self-Care b


Code of Conduct

In order to foster a kind, inclusive, and harassment-free community, the Pinax Project has a Code of Conduct, which can be found here We'd like to ask you to treat everyone as a smart human programmer that shares an interest in Python, Django, and Pinax with you.


Pinax Project Blog and Twitter

For updates and news regarding the Pinax Project, please follow us on Twitter at [@pinaxproject]( and check out our blog

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