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<h2>Fiscal Sponsor</h2>

<p>Our fiscal sponsor is <a href="" title="Software Freedom Conservancy">Software Freedom Conservancy</a>, a 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to the promotion and development of free and open source software. Conservancy allows us to work without managing our own corporate structure and administrative services. Our relationship with Conservancy goes beyond logistics, though, as we are also philosophically aligned as we work to advance software freedom and expand the Python developer community.</p>


<!-- TODO -->
<p>describe/credit photos used on the home page and other pages, perhaps list event photographer information ...maybe Next Day Video?</p>
  <li>Photo of <a href="" title="Photo of Mystic Theatre">Mystic Theatre</a> used on the home page by Christopher Neugebauer licensed under <a href="" title="Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 2.0 Generic License">Creative Commons Attribute Share Alike 2.0 Generic</a>.</li>
  <li>Photo of <a href="" title="Photo of DjangoGirls Brisbane 2014">DjangoGirls Brisbane 2014</a> used on the home page by Richard Jones licensed under <a href="" title="Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic">Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic</a>.</li>


<p>"Python" and the Python logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of the <a href="" title="Python Software Foundation">Python Software Foundation</a>, used by North Bay Python with permission from the Foundation.</p>

<h2>Terms and Conditions</h2>
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