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North Bay Python is seeking speakers of all experience levels to contribute to our conference program! We'd love to hear from you whether you use Python professionally, as a hobbyist, or are just excited about Python, programming, and free and open source software.

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### The North Bay Python 2018 CFP is open!
### Proposal submissions for North Bay Python 2019 are open!

There's information and resources below that you should read, but in case you've already read it and want to dive in now:

<div class="btn-group">
  <a class="btn btn-lg btn-primary" href="/dashboard">Submit a Proposal</a>
@@ -11,17 +11,17 @@ If you've never presented at a conference before and think you might like to try
Curious about how we choose talks? You can read about our [selection process](/program/selection-process).

Portions of this page were drawn from ideas seen on [DjangoCon EU](, [SeaGL](, [Fog City Ruby](, and others. Thanks to all for their inspiration and permission to borrow!

## Dates<a name="dates"></a>

+ **July 5**: CFP opens
+ **August 10**: CFP closes
+ **Week of September 10**: Acceptance notifications sent
+ **Week of September 17**: Speaker confirmations due; program finalized and announced
+ **November 3–4**: Conference happens!
+ **July 1**: Proposal submissions open
+ **August 8**: Proposal submissions close
+ **Week of August 23**: Acceptance notifications sent
+ **Week of September 9**: Speaker confirmations due; program finalized and announced
+ **November 2–3**: Conference happens!


## Speaker Benefits
**All accepted speakers receive complimentary tickets to the conference. Financial assistance for travel and lodging is considered on a case-by-case basis independent of each proposal's merits.**

## Speakers<a name="speakers"></a>
@@ -34,13 +34,13 @@ We will make every effort to accommodate speakers and attendees with disabilitie

North Bay Python is a conference in support of the local programmer community outside of the core San Francisco Bay Area tech scene. We aim to feature a mix of local and non-local speakers to offer a program with broad appeal.


## Audience

We anticipate more than 300 attendees at our 2018 conference. In 2017, we had 230 attendees from California and beyond, including:
We anticipate 200-300 attendees at our 2019 conference. In 2017, we had 230 attendees from California and beyond, including:

+ 78% from the San Francisco Bay Area, including 25% from Sonoma County
+ 5% from elsewhere in California
+ 17% from other US states, and internationally

30% of attendees were women or non-binary.
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