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In response to requests during the FOSDEM Legal and Policy
DevRoom, which is coordinated by a team of four that includes
Conservancy's own Bradley M. Kuhn and Karen M. Sandler, Conservancy
will organize a separate conference on the day following FOSDEM 2019,
in Brussels, Belgium, called: The Annual International Copyleft
Conference, or CopyleftConf for short.

Participants from throughout the copyleft world — developers,
strategists, enforcement organizations, scholars and critics — will be
welcomed for an in-depth, high bandwidth, and expert-level discussion
about the day-to-day details of using copyleft licensing, obstacles
facing copyleft and the future of copyleft as a strategy to advance and
defend software freedom for users and developers around the world.

The event will provide a friendly and safe place for discussion of
copyleft as a key strategy for defending software freedom.

Conservancy encourages everyone to save the date of Monday 4 February
2019 in Brussels, Belgium for this first CopyleftConf. We've chosen the
date and location to ease travel for those already attending FOSDEM the
weekend preceding CopyleftConf.
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