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Your speaker profile includes a space for you to describe your prior experience giving talks—this is your chance to talk yourself up and explain how you're qualified to share your ideas, so take advantage of it!

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## How to Write Your Proposal<a name="how-to-write-your-proposal"></a>

If you want to speak, here's a very rough process of what you should do next:

+ Brainstorm or [mind map]( to expand upon your ideas or knowledge in search of a general topic
+ Write a paragraph or two, or some bullet points, to outline the core concepts you want to communicate and what people might learn from your talk
+ Get someone you trust to read your notes and tell you what they think they'd learn
+ Attend our office hours to get help building up your submission
+ Submit your proposal
+ Practice!

## Plans Changed and Need to Decline?<a name="need-to-decline"></a>

We understand that life is unpredictable and you may not be able to speak at North Bay Python even if we accept your proposal. That's OK!

If we accept your talk, you have the option to confirm or decline. Already confirmed but something came up? That's OK, too, we just need you to let us know as soon as possible! We always have backups.

Please email us at []( to let us know if you have a change of plans.
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