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<h3>Josh Simmons, Communications and Outreach</h3>
<p><img src="{% static "images/team/josh.jpg" %}" alt="Josh Simmons" class="team-headshot circle">Josh is a painfully earnest community strategist and recovering web developer. Born and raised in the North Bay, he spent 4.5 years building Web &amp; Interactive Media Professionals (WIMP), a local community, before moving on to do community management for O'Reilly Media. These days Josh does communications for Google Open Source and serves as CFO for the Open Source Initiative (OSI). He loves to help free software communities become more welcoming and introduce students and junior developers to open source. (<a href="">@joshsimmons on Twitter</a>)</p>

<h3>Sarah Kuchinsky</h3>
<p>Sarah is a Python developer, Stanford graduate student, and head organizer of <a href="">PyLadies Silicon Valley</a>. Sarah fell in love with the Python community in 2012, after joining PyLadies and attending her first PyCon. She joined the North Bay Python organising team for our first conference in 2017. Sarah’s areas of study include algorithms, economics, and health policy modeling. (<a href="">@sarahkuchinksy on Twitter</a>)



<h3>Frances Hocutt</h3>
<p><img src="{% static "images/team/frances.jpeg" %}" alt="Frances Hocutt" class="team-headshot circle">Frances Hocutt has taken part in the science-to-tech branch of the great STEM reshuffling. In the process, he’s written, spoken, mentored, and co-founded Seattle’s first feminist hackerspace/makerspace. Frances prefers elegance in science and effectiveness in art and is happiest when drawing on as many disciplines as possible. Frances jumped into F/OSS development with work on standards for the MediaWiki web API ecosystem and expanded into work on MediaWiki and associated Wikimedia-ecosystem contributor tools. He currently installs software on other people’s computers for Rackspace Managed Security’s defensive infrastructure team. Frances currently lives in an unfortunately catless apartment in Oakland, CA.
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