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<div class="chunkfive tight-headings text-center" style="padding: 1.5em;">
<h1>First Annual International Copyleft Conference</h1>
<h2>February 4, 2019 in Brussels, Belgium</h2>
<h2>February&nbsp;4, 2019 in Brussels, Belgium</h2>

<div class="center-block" style="max-width: 50em;">
<p>This will be the very first annual International Copyleft Conference. Participants from throughout the
copyleft world — developers, strategists, enforcement organizations, scholars and critics — will be
welcomed for an in-depth, high bandwidth, and expert-level discussion about the day-to-day details of
@@ -30,5 +33,6 @@ provides a non-profit home and infrastructure for FLOSS projects. Conservancy is
key strategy for defending software freedom! Your sponsorship will help make this a sustainable annual
event, that can welcome students and scholars at a minimal cost. Any questions about financial, coffee
  break or in-kind sponsorship options should be directed to <a href=""></a>.</p>

{% endblock %}
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